As Time Consumes Us

photos of a photo exhibition 1

瑞典,絕對是一家大細的天堂   Sweden is a paradise for kids and parents
任何地方,都為他們照顧周到   everywhere cares their needs
美術館必定有遊戲空間給小孩   there's a playground for kids inside the gallery
大人可以安心,慢慢欣賞展覽   parents able to enjoy the exhibitions
館內甚至有嬰兒車停車處,對   even to have baby-car parking inside the gallery. right!
可泊任何型號不同大細嬰兒車   able to park all types of baby-cars

連看了兩個攝影展   saw 2 photo exhibitions
這是其一的免費展   one of these two free exhibitions

我喜歡長註好地方   one of my favorite places in Stockholm
定時會有免費展覽   free exhibitions regularly
專設藝術設計圖書   nice art & design library
容易便消磨大半天   so easy to spend time there


  1. Anonymous4.12.11

    Hi Somei, Susanne & I met att Kulturhuset fot the first time. It is our favorite place too. Aleksandra

  2. Hej Aleksandra, so glad you read my blog! wow! Kulturhuset is a meaningful place for you both