One second of sunlight


哪個季節你吃得較健康   which season you eat healthier
你的工資受天氣影響嗎   your income is affected by the weather
什麼天氣會影響你心情   your mood is affected by the weather
如可以你想控制天氣嗎   want to control the weather
會描述五度氣溫是溫暖   describe 5 degrees is warm

這些天氣問題 多年前 在英國看過展覽 的研究
當時對問題 感受還未深 但身處瑞典 開始了解
為何當時參觀者 在假太陽下 躺着 享受大半天
The Weather Project, Olafur Eliasson

今天天氣怎樣 是我在歐洲 最常聽到的 問候語
法國很多店舖 黃金暑假檔期 居然會 關門放假
香港 夏長冬短 見陽光會避 怕熱怕流汗怕曬乾
瑞典 冬長夏短 聞說我幸運的 過了陽光的十月
朋友們曾問他 瑞典日短夜長 會容易有憂鬱 嗎
嚇得他 常常說 見有一秒陽光 跑出街留家不好
怎穿暖 過時間 識應北歐冬天 是一門高深學問

自轉冬令時間 終於 漸漸感受到日短夜長 威力
冷 還可以適應 日短的心理時鐘 令我無所適從
三四點便天黑 總覺 時間變短不夠用 神魂顛倒

天黑黑 感覺 街上變靜了人少了 很想快快回家
天黑黑 感覺身體疲倦了懶惰了 很想 睡覺休息
天黑黑 感覺時間 頓了藉口多了 很想停止工作

                                  現在 每看見一秒陽光 我會放我的面 在太陽上

those researched Qs which I saw exh. about the weather in London few years ago
not much feeling about the Qs before, start to understand after live in Sweden
why the visitors lied down to enjoy the fake sun almost whole day
The Weather Project    Olafur Eliasson

how's the weather today? very often to hear this greeting in Europe
many shops and restaurants are closed in the peak season summer in France
just avoid the sun when the long summer & short winter in HK
lucky to have a quite sunny Oct with the long winter & short summer in Sweden
my friends asked him, easy to get depression when the daytime is short
scared he often says just go out even a second of sun
wear warmly, spend time, no easy get used to the winter in north Europe

gradually feel the power of daytime-darkness after changed to the winter time
okay to survive with the cold, not easy to survive with the daytime-darkness
no sun after 3pm, feel not enough time, my soul and spirit just upside down

the darkness, just feel less people on the street and want to go home
the darkness, just feel more tried and lazy and want to sleep
the darkness, just more excuses and want to stop working

now, want to put my face on the sun when see a second of sun


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