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回收 聰明利用地區資源   The more we recycle, the smarter we take care of the earth's resources

跳蚤市場,二手市場,慈善店舖   flea markets, second-hand shops, charity stores
身處歐洲,尋寶地方,是我最愛   all are my favorite places in Europe
Myrorna  三十三間慈善店舖   Myrorna has 33 charity stores in Sweden   
在我城,斯德哥爾摩,有十一間   11 stores in Stockholm

喜歡這裡,顏色分類 整齊清潔    love there - products arranged by color, clean and tidy
喜歡這裡,價錢合理 歡迎退換    love there - reasonable prices, welcome to return
喜歡這裡,意外驚喜 獨一無二    love there - give you surprise, unique
喜歡這裡,人人為我 我為人人    love there - shop for help


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