Ho Ho Ho

夢見香港落大雪,還以為真   dreamt about snowing in HK
思鄉病發作,還是暖化惡夢   home-sick or nightmare about globe warming
很期待,瑞典首個白色聖誕   looking forward the first white christmas in Sweden
奇怪,今個月還比上月和暖   it's strange even warmer than last month

到好朋友,小鎮的聖誕市集   went to a local christmas market in our friend's town
他女兒多次問,我們真來嗎   his daughters asked and expected us coming
十多個小攤位全都是原居民   about 10 small booths
相信是他們每年期待的聚會   a big gathering for them every year
全自家芝士麵包冷帽羊毛等   selling home-made cheese, bread, wool hat, etc.
還有聖誕特飲,糕點和小吃   also christmas drinks, cakes, snakes, etc
小朋友高興得陪迴攤位多次   the kids were excited, running around
傾傾食食買買,親切暖笠笠   chatting, eating, buying; so warm and good fun
完了,大大細細行草原回家   to our friends' place after the market
途中看見野駝鹿,成了獵物   saw a wild moose become prey
女兒問:爸爸可先行去看嗎   the daughters asked daddy, can they go first
爸爸點頭沒有叫喊小心跌倒   like parents let their kids to run freely without worry
她們興奮得,跑到很快很遠   they run very far, very happy

上星期到宜家吃聖誕自助餐   had christmas buffet in IKEA
我永遠至愛的,仍是三文魚   the salmon is always the best
這裡雖沒有像香港大型燈飾   although no huge christmas night here
最吸引應該是NK百貨的廚窗   a nice window display in NK department store
最溫暖是聖誕老人地鐵演奏   a lovely Santa Claus playing music in subway
最興奮是一班聖誕老人溜冰   a group of Santa Claus ice-skating
最性感是穿蘇格蘭裙的毛腿   a Santa Claus with a Scottish kilts and hairy sexy legs
瑞典絕對是小朋友夢幻樂園   Sweden is always a dream place for kids
街上已特設大小的紅色郵箱   big and small post-boxes specially for christmas
小的 Brev till Tomten!  little one Brev till Tomten!
就是體貼非常特設為小朋友   especially for little kids
可親手寄信給聖誕老人郵箱   send posts to Santa Claus by themselves
好奇想,信會寄何處和誰收   wonder the letters will send to who and where



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