Super Duper Christmas

誰知穿著紅色浴袍的物體已站在門前,他問“這裡有好孩子,還是只有發牢騷的女仕呢?” 所有女仕一齊答

Long time ago, uncle said needed to buy a newspaper. Suddenly, someone saw a red thing
passing outside. Everyone were screaming, the 2.5 years old little boy ran and wanted to
see. Oh! this red thing who wore bathrobe already standing at the door, he asked "any
good kids or only grumpy women here?" All women replied "one good boy here". "Ho Ho Ho!
Here's some gifts for the young lad." Santa said. Certainly everyone warmly welcomed him.
Oh! He looked a bit tired and told us he's already 500 years old. After receiving many
nice gifts, everyone gave big hugs and said good bye to the sexy old Santa Claus.

真老花眼鏡 + 帽子連鬍子 + 性感紅浴袍 + 床單當禮物袋 + 瘋狂朱古力後的肚腩!做戲做全套,大家


Reading glasses + hat with big beard + sexy red bathrobe + bed-sheet giftbag + belly
after eating many chocolates. We played our roles too good. All started to believe in
Santa Claus; he also forgot himself, just believed he really was a sexy Santa Claus.

Such a lovely Swedish tradition!

電飯煲整壽司,大家還以為高難度製作。“好玩喔!不如放火腿,黃椒,加粉紅...” 好!聖誕壽司!一連六天
狂歡,食,傾,食,飲,傾... 越級滿足的聖誕!

Traditionally, besides family play Santa Claus, gifts and super delicious X'mas meals,
one month before Christmas, people put a set of 4 advent candles, light one for each 
week. The whole family like to watch Disney Donald Duck Cartoon at 3pm on the X'mas Eve. 
suggested to bring my good friend rice-cooker and made sushi, everyone thought it's
difficult to made. "And how about putting ham, yellow pepper, something red..." Cool!
Christmas sushi. We had fantastic time, great fun, great food, great chats, great food,
great drinks, great chats.. Super Duper Christmas!

♥ Jättetack till Susanne and Aleksandra ♥


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