Thank YOU 2011

沒有想到二零一一     Surprisingly, in 2011
最後一晚一樣精彩     The last day of the year, keep exciting

四時左右天開始黑     Getting dark around 4pm
窗外開始嘭嘭聲響     Starting to hear "bang bang" sounds from the window
越夜越頻密越熱鬧     Getting more frequent and loud
這裡可自由放煙花     Private firework is legal here
人人好像開始試炮     Seems everyone just testing their fireworks

在瑞典的首個除夕     My first New Year Eve in Sweden
決定到市中心上山     Decided to go up on a hill near the city centre

星星,月亮,相機,腳架,香檳     Stars, the moon, camera, tripod, champagne

十九八七 六 五 四 三 二 一      10 9 8 7 6 5   4  3  2    1
新年快樂!Gott nytt år!哇!      Happy New Year! Yeah! Yippeeeee
嘭嘭嘭嘭嘩嘩,嘭嘭嘭嘭嘩嘩嘩     Bang bang bang! Woo! Bang bang! Woowowo!
頭轉不停,三百六十度都是煙花     My head kept turning, fireworks everywhere
又影又叫,嘭嘭嘭嘭嘭嘩嘩嘩嘩     Click click click, photos! Bang bang! Wowoooo!
謝謝你二零一一,你好二零一二     Thank you 2011! Hejsan 2012! 

放煙花不止,還有孔明燈     Not only fireworks, even sky lanterns
喜歡孔明燈,好的下次放     I like sky lanterns very much, great! like to try next time
太美了,隨風向我們飄過     So beautiful, many sky lanterns, drifting to our direction

在旁的,突然在我們頭上放煙花     Suddenly, someone made fireworks just next to us
刺激得我們蹲下,繼續影繼續嘩     Excited! we crouched down but kept taking photos

完全沒有想到,二零一一最後一晚     Fully surprised, on the last night 2011
星星煙花孔明燈月亮,同在一天空     The beauitful stars, fireworks, sky lanterns and the
                               happy moon were all incredible on the sky simultaneously

非常難忘的一年!  謝謝   你!     The memorable year!     Tack till   DIG!


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