A day in the world

Saw an exhibition A day in the world at Kulturhuset last month, surprisingly saw Sandra's lovely living room picture exhibiting there. Sandra didn't know me, feel we know each other now. I moved to her home-country, she moved to my favorite city Berlin. I'm a loyal reader of her blog, likes her photos, drawings, works, her secondhand collections and life style. They found a place seems no body wanted it, but they just falls in love this place and decided to "reborn" this apartment. Kick kick kick unconsciously I took some photos there and sent them to her. How happy those photos are on her blog now. How sweet she wants to send her handmade beautiful wristworms to me. What an amazing Internet world! What a nice day in the world!

前陣子到 Kulturhuset 看展覽 A day in the world, 驚喜看到 Sandra的客廳相。她應該不認識我,現在我們應該認識了。我搬到她家國,她搬到我愛的柏林。我是的忠實博客讀者,喜歡她拍的照,畫的圖,她的創作,二手東西,生活態度。兩年前,她找到一間無人愛但他倆一見便鐘情的舊屋,決定一邊往一邊發揮瑞典人自製精神,兩雙手,年多時間,破屋大變身啲啲啲我不自覺在展館拍了幾張相送給她. 太高興這些相片現在就在她的博客她實在太可愛還想給我一對溫暖牌自家手套網絡世界太奇妙! What a nice day in the world!



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