South Africa . Big 5


When a car stopped, there should be some animals there. When more cars stopped, there should be the animals more popular, especially Africa's big 5當有車停下,應該是發現動物。越多車停下,代表這動物越受歡迎,尤其非洲五霸
Lion, one of the most popular, luckily we met them almost everyday. Ms. Lion walked alone in the sunset
獅子是很受歡迎的,幸運差不多每天遠遠近近都遇上牠。 這是黃昏下獨自慢步的她
Ms Lions went to high tea 去下午茶的四位太太
Elephants need space. 'we are the biggest, out of our way' 非洲象最要空間‘我最大,叫你讓路,快快聽話’
Buffalos are quite grumpy. Considered to be one of the most dangerous. God! We saw more than thousand. 
非洲水牛脾氣暴躁,極危險動物 。天呀!有次見到成千隻
Leopard was difficult to see. Finally we met him for a few seconds 豹最令人瘋狂,終於遇見牠,六秒就跑了
Rhinos are endangered 犀牛可能會瀕臨絕種

As a city person, how lucky I'm able to try living with them.


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