South Africa . Top models in Kruger Park


Mr. Nyala is the most handsome 羚羊最帥
Ms. Impala is the most common to see 高角羚最常見

Ms. Baboon likes scratching the most 狒狒最愛抓背

Mr. Elephant is the big boss 大象最老大

Mr. Zebra is the most eye-catching 班馬最搶眼

Mr. Giraffe is the most tender 長頸鹿最溫柔

Ms. Ostrich is the most curious 駝鳥最好奇
Mr. Hamerkop likes Ms. Hippo the most 小鳥最愛河馬

Mr. Hornbill is the most protected 犀鳥最受保護

Ms. Lilac Breasted Roller is the most colourful 紫胸佛法僧鳥最彩

'By feeding them you are signing their death warrant, as they become aggressive and have to be shot' Travel tips from Kruger Park

Staying in the car on distance, you never know 'who' you could see? you never know what they could do? I already asked them 'don't move', a challenge to take photos of them!


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